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Gordon Research Seminar — Neural Crest and Cranial Placodes
13th April 2019   -   14th April 2019

Lucca Barga , Italy

The Gordon Research Seminar on Neural Crest and Cranial Placodes is a unique forum for graduate students post docs and other scientists with comparable levels of experience and education to present ...


Gordon Research Conference — Neural Crest and Cranial Placodes
14th April 2019   -   19th April 2019

Lucca Barga , Italy

This conference uniquely considers all aspects of research into the neural crest and cranial placodes and their extraordinary array of derivatives Neural crest cells form all peripheral glia all...


1ictnr — 1° International Conference on Teleneurorehabilitation
10th May 2019   -   11th May 2019

Crotone KR , Italy

Studies on Telerehabilitation systems and managements have been growing significantly in the last decade and this rehabilitative approach has been widely accepted and is now well established Neverth...


EMBO Workshop — Neural guidance molecules in development and disease
25th May 2019   -   28th May 2019

Baveno, Italy

Neuronal guidance molecules beyond their recognized role in axon guidance are now implicated in a variety of processes ranging from neural circuit development and plasticity to angiogenesis and imm...


Meeting on Care of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients
12th September 2019   -   14th September 2019

Rome, Italy

EThe main theme of the conference is Enhancing improving Supporting professionals of Dementia and Alzheimer s disease which is orient for international platforms to explore the new advanced fe...


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