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TAT11 — 11th International Symposium on Targeted Alpha Therapy
1st April 2019   -   5th April 2019

Ottawa Ontario, Canada

With Targeted Alpha Therapy treatments beginning to hit the market the clinical perspective has become an essential part of the TAT conversation That s why TAT 11 is proud to announce the first eve...


8th Workshop of the APS Topical Group on Hadronic Physics
10th April 2019   -   12th April 2019

Denver CO, United States

The workshop of the APS Topical Group on Hadronic Physics GHP provides a great opportunity for nuclear and particle physicists to meet and discuss their common interests in hadronic interactions T...


ENSAR2 workshop: GEANT4 in nuclear physics
24th April 2019   -   26th April 2019

Madrid, Spain

Monte Carlo simulations play a key role in the planning realization and analysis of nuclear physics experiments and applications For this reason the ENSAR2 European Project is organising a workshop...


NS3 — 4th Nuclear Science Summer School
12th May 2019   -   18th May 2019

East Lansing MI, United States

NS3 is a summer school for undergraduate students that aims to introduce the participants to the field of nuclear science NS3 will be hosted by Michigan State University MSU and will offer lectures...


FAIRness 2019 — FAIR next generation scientists - 6th Edition Workshop
20th May 2019   -   24th May 2019

Genova, Italy

FAIRness 2019 is the sixth edition in series of workshops designed to bring together excellent international young scientists with research interests focused on physics at FAIR


2019 JINA-CEE Frontiers in Nuclear Astrophysics Meeting
22nd May 2019   -   24th May 2019

East Lansing MI, United States

JINA CEE Frontiers in Nuclear Astrophysics Meeting


NEMO — 2019 IEEE MTT-S International Conference on Numerical Electromagnetic and Multiphysics Modeling and Optimization
29th May 2019   -   31st May 2019

Cambridge MA, United States

NEMO is a brand new international conference which brings together experts and practitioners in electromagnetic and multiphysics modeling and design for RF microwave and terahertz applications Thi...


MENU2019 — 15th International Conference on Meson-Nucleon Physics and the Structure of the Nucleon
2nd June 2019   -   7th June 2019

Pittsburgh, United States

This conference continues a series started at Karlsruhe in 1983 and was held most recently in Kyoto in 2016 The scientific program of the conference will cover experimental and theoretical developmen...


PHOTON 2019 — International Conference on the Structure and the Interactions of the Photon / 23rd International Workshop on Photon-photon Collision / International Workshop on High Energy Photon Colliders
3rd June 2019   -   7th June 2019

Frascati Rome, Italy

This conference is part of the series initiated in 1973 in Paris as an International Colloquium on Photon Photon Collisions at Electron Positron Storage Rings


PSW2019 — Mathematical and Geometric Tools for Conformal Field Theories
3rd June 2019   -   21st June 2019

Pollica SA, Italy

Recent years have seen substantial work on systematizing our understanding of conformal and superconformal field theories in diverse dimensions This development has been possible thanks to many diffe...


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