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Algebraic and Geometric Categorification
1st December 2019   -   6th December 2019

Oaxaca, Mexico

Categorification is a relatively new and very exciting field of mathematics bridging a number of inter related areas including representation theory combinatorics algebraic geometry geometric topo...


Algebraic Number Theory and Related Topics
9th December 2019   -   13th December 2019

Kyoto University, Japan

Organizer Manabu Ozaki Faculty of Science and Engineering Waseda University


Arithmetic geometry, cycles, Hodge theory, regulators, periods and heights
30th March 2020   -   3rd April 2020

Cambridge, United Kingdom

It is a classical problem to understand the value of the Riemann zeta function at n 2 3 4 For n even this value is n times a non zero rational number but for n odd much less is known In t...


Periods, Motives and Differential equations: between Arithmetic and Geometry
6th April 2020   -   10th April 2020

Paris, France

Les p riodes apparaissent dans diff rentes branches des math matiques comme l indique le titre de notre colloque leur tude m le arithm tique analyse diophantienne quations diff rentie...


Arithmetic, algebra and algorithms — celebrating the mathematics of Hendrik Lenstra
13th April 2020   -   17th April 2020

Edinburgh Scotland, France

ICMS supports research in the mathematical sciences Its core activity is the development and organisation of international workshops and conferences in all areas of mathematics and these attract lead...


Workshop — Diophantische Approximationen
19th April 2020   -   25th April 2020

Oberwolfach, Germany

Workshop Diophantische Approximationen


Lattices: From Theory to Practice
27th April 2020   -   1st May 2020

Berkeley California, United Kingdom

This workshop will focus on questions related to the transition of lattice based cryptography from theory to practice including the hardness of lattice problems arising from algebraic number theory a...


The Sixth Mini Symposium of the Roman Number Theory Association
6th May 2020   -   8th May 2020

Universit Roma Tre Rome, Italy

As stated in the statute of association our main objectives are The development of Number Theory Organisation and funding of conferences on topics related to Number Theory Award scholarship...


Summer School: The Arithmetic of the Langlands Program
11th May 2020   -   15th May 2020

Bonn, Germany

The Langlands program aims to relate systems of polynomial equations with integer coefficients to automorphic forms i e functions on symmetric spaces with a large number of discrete symmetries T...


Recent Trends in cryptology and cyber security
11th May 2020   -   22nd May 2020

Kiev, Ukraine

The workshop Recent trends in cryptology and cyber security will be held in Kyiv Ukraine May 11 22 2020 It aims to bring together interested graduate students and researchers scientists eng...


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