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11. Mittweidaer Lasertagung
13th November 2019   -   14th November 2019

Mittweida, Germany

On the 13th and 14th of November the 11th Mittweidaer Laser Conference will take place at the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida The conference program includes 33 specialist lectures in 7 ses...


Atomic Physics 2019 - Focus: Ultrafast chirality and topology of light and matter
18th November 2019   -   22nd November 2019

Dresden, Germany

One can think of chirality or topology as properties introducing an additional degree of freedom of geometrical origin such as handedness or topological invariant Does this extra degree of freedom l...


International Laser Symposium & International Symposium »Tailored Joining« 2020
11th February 2020   -   12th February 2020

Dresden, Germany

New high power laser sources emerging wavelengths in the green and blue light spectrum IR lasers with flexible intensity distribution and new pulsed laser systems with high power and energy density ...


EMBL Course: Fundamentals of Widefield and Confocal Microscopy and Imaging
11th May 2020   -   15th May 2020

Heidelberg, Germany

Light microscopy is the most widely used form of microscopy for life science research The correct handling of the microscope and optimising image quality e g contrast resolution as well as experi...


EMBL Course: Advanced Fluorescence Imaging Techniques
24th May 2020   -   29th May 2020

Heidelberg, Germany

This practical course will cover advanced light microscopy techniques and participants will learn how to derive qualitative and quantitative insights on molecular mechanisms in cells and developing or...


BI(MS)2 2020 Workshop — 2nd Workshop on Laser Bioimaging Mass Spectrometry
4th June 2020   -   5th June 2020

Muenster, Germany

The workshop will bring together scientists experienced in instrumentation software and applications in an informal setting to examine recent progress in the field of bioimaging by laser mass spect...


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