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2019 Actuarial Research Conference
14th August 2019   -   17th August 2019

Indianapolis IN, United States

The 2019 Actuarial Research Conference will be held at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis IUPUI in Indianapolis IN This event is jointly sponsored by Purdue University IUPUI ...


WHOA-PSI — The Fourth Workshop on Higher-Order Asymptotics and Post-Selection Inference
17th August 2019   -   19th August 2019

St Louis, United States

The Fourth WHOA PSI will focus on emerging frontiers in post selection inference with particular emphasis on issues of accuracy power and validity More than 30 invited talks and also Ph D student...


ASA Biopharmaceutical Section Regulatory-Industry Statistics Workshop
23rd September 2019   -   25th September 2019

Washington D C , United States

The ASA Biopharmaceutical Section Regulatory Industry Statistics Workshop is sponsored by the ASA Biopharmaceutical Section in cooperation with the FDA Statistical Association Each year the confe...


AIM Workshop: Self-interacting processes, supersymmetry, and Bayesian statistics
23rd September 2019   -   27th September 2019

American Institute of Mathematics, United States

This workshop sponsored by AIM and the NSF will be devoted to self interacting processes and their interaction with supersymmetry Bayesian statistics and de Finetti type theorems


ICOSDA 2019 — The 3rd International Conference on Statistical Distributions and Applications
10th October 2019   -   12th October 2019

Grand Rapids, United States

The scopes of the conference include but not limited to A Statistical distributions in the era of big data The methodological research on distributions in modern techniques for ana...


AIM Workshop: Deep learning and partial differential equations
14th October 2019   -   18th October 2019

San Jose California, United States

This workshop sponsored by AIM and the NSF will be devoted to the interplay between deep learning and partial differential equations


International Conference on Health Policy Statistics
6th January 2020   -   8th January 2020

San Diego California, United States

Throughout the last 25 years the International Conference on Health Policy Statistics ICHPS organized by the Health Policy Statistics Section of the American Statistical Association has played ...


100th AMS Annual Meeting — 26th Conference on Probability and Statistics
12th January 2020   -   16th January 2020

Boston MA, United States

The 26th Conference on Probability and Statistics is organized by the AMS Committees on Probability and Statistics


Computational Statistics and Data-Driven Models
20th April 2020   -   24th April 2020

Providence RI, United States

The advancement in computing and storage capabilities of modern computational clusters fosters use of novel statistical techniques in machine learning and deep networks Such data driven techniques al...


International Conference on Establishment Statistics
15th June 2020   -   18th June 2020

New Orleans Louisiana, United States

ICES has been running for more than 20 years Information about its origins and development was included in the introduction to the December 2014 special issue of the Journal of Official Statistics w...


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