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Is Nature Natural?
6th April 2020   -   24th April 2020

Stockholm, Sweden

In the Standard Model the mass of the Higgs boson is greatly destabilised by quantum corrections and free parameters of the model need to be extremely fine tuned in order to arrive at the measured H...


Quantum Connections in Sweden 8: Physics Summer School on Quantum Frontiers
8th June 2020   -   19th June 2020

Stockholm, Sweden

This school intended for PhD students and junior researchers in quantum phenomena and condensed matter physics will consist of short courses on topics from Short courses from Quantum Matter Quantum...


Quantum Connections in Sweden 9: The Workshop
22nd June 2020   -   26th June 2020

Stockholm, Sweden

A week of workshops at the frontiers of quantum physics Hosted by Frank Wilczek in collaboration with Stockholm University Nordita and Wilczek Quantum Center at Shanghai Jiao Tong University This y...


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