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FLUKA Advanced Course and Workshop
18th November 2019   -   22nd November 2019

Paris, France

The course will help professionals working in the Monte Carlo radiation transport fields to understand the various functions and attributes of the code


ICRP 2019 — 5th International Symposium on the System of Radiological Protection
19th November 2019   -   21st November 2019

Adelaide, Australia

The Australasian Radiation Protection Society ARPS and Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency ARPANSA would like to invite you to the 5th International Symposium on the System of ...


Spezialkurs im Strahlenschutz bei der Untersuchung mit Röntgenstrahlung
23rd November 2019   -   24th November 2019

Goslar, Germany

Spezialkurs im Strahlenschutz bei der Untersuchung mit R ntgenstrahlung


ICREM — International Conference on Radiation and Emission in Materials
15th December 2019   -   18th December 2019

Bangkok, Thailand

The International Conference on Radiation and Emission in Materials ICREM covers the radiation and emission phenomena in its natural combination in the range from accelerated ionizing particles to...


53rd Midyear Meeting – 2020
26th January 2020   -   29th January 2020

Bethesda MD, United States

The following upcoming meetings are sponsored or cosponsored by the Health Physics Society Click on the meeting title for additional details For more information on upcoming meetings and professiona...


CSE Course — Two-week Criticality Safety Engineers course
27th January 2020   -   7th February 2020

Las Vegas NV, United States

The Two week Criticality Safety Engineers course is designed to meet the ANSI ANS 8 26 Criticality Safety Engineer Training and Qualification Program requirement for hands on experimental training...


APSRC 2020 — 8th Asia Pacific Symposium on Radiation Chemistry
21st April 2020   -   24th April 2020

Takasaki, Japan

The main scientific interest of the APSRC 2020 is without any doubt radiation chemistry however radiation chemistry do never stand alone and strongly related to radiation physics photochemistry ra...


52nd National Conference on Radiation Control
4th May 2020   -   7th May 2020

Williamsburg VA, United States

Dedicated to radiation protection since 1968 The Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors Inc CRCPD is a 501 c 3 nonprofit non governmental professional organization dedicated to rad...


IRPA15 — Bridging RP Culture and Science - Widening Public Empathy
11th May 2020   -   15th May 2020

Seoul, South Korea

On behalf of the KARP IRPA 15 Organizing Committee KOC it is my great pleasure to invite you to the 15th International Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association IRPA to be he...


Joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop on Radiation Damage in Nuclear Systems: From Bohr To Young
11th May 2020   -   22nd May 2020

Trieste, Italy

This Workshop will assists Ph D students and early career researchers in developing a quantitative understanding of the impact of radiation damage on materials both for existing fission and proposed...


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