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Keystone Symposia: Digital Health - From Science to Application
21st January 2019   -   25th January 2019

Keystone Colorado, United States

This conference will be the first digital health meeting that focuses specifically on the scientific foundations and health applications of digital technologies Taking a novel sensor or new device fr...


3rd Annual Conference of NEUBIAS
2nd February 2019   -   8th February 2019

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

The 3rd Annual Conference of NEUBIAS gathering the whole BioImage Analysis Community into a multi faceted event offers two parallel Training Schools for selected early career and advanced analysts a...


EMBL Course: Analysis and Integration of Transcriptome and Proteome Data
3rd February 2019   -   8th February 2019

Heidelberg, Germany

This course is targeted at biologists and biochemists who are starting to be involved in both next generation sequencing and mass spectrometry based proteomics but who are not experts in these fiel...


Statistical Physics Approaches to Systems Biology
4th February 2019   -   15th February 2019

Havana, Cuba

The School will focus on the use of Statistical Physics techniques to the study of complex biological systems The school will make special emphasis in the recent developments in data analysis as well...


BICOB-2019 — 11th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
18th March 2019   -   20th March 2019

Honolulu HI, United States

In bioinformatics and computational biology we have been witnessing great advances and breakthroughs in the past two decades BICOB 2019 is continuing effort of gathering the researchers and scholars...


Bioinformatics Strategy Meeting 2019 in London | Proventa
21st March 2019   -   21st March 2019

London, United Kingdom

Proventa International s unique format of Bioinformatics Strategy Meeting United Kingdom 2019 gathers seasoned local and global thought leaders in an exclusive discussion where director level profes...


ICBET 2019 — 9th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Technology
28th March 2019   -   30th March 2019

Tokyo, Japan

2019 9th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Technology ICBET 2019 is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of theoretical exp...


EMBO Practical Course — Population genomics: Background, tools and programming
30th March 2019   -   6th April 2019

Procida, Italy

Study methods in population genomics have been profoundly reshaped in the last few years fostered by a rapid growth of DNA sequence production and sharing This unprecedented opportunity guided major...


EMBO Practical Course — The 2019 whole-cell modeling summer school
7th April 2019   -   13th April 2019

Barcelona, Spain

Whole cell models that predict phenotype from genotype by representing all of the biochemical activity inside cells are needed to advance biology bioengineering and medicine Achieving whole cell mo...


EMBO Workshop — Integrative biology: From molecules to ecosystems in extreme environments
22nd April 2019   -   25th April 2019

Santiago, Chile

Integrative biology From molecules to ecosystems in extreme environments


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