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Frontiers in Billiard Dynamics
30th May 2021   -   4th June 2021

Oaxaca, Mexico

Mathematical billiards are a fast growing field of the modern theory of dynamical systems and a deep source of insights methods and examples in dynamics It has greatly impacted many areas ranging f...


XX International Workshop on Numerical Methods for Non-Newtonian Flows
6th June 2021   -   11th June 2021

Oaxaca, Mexico

Fluids that exhibit physical behaviours which are not Newtonian are extremely common in nature and in industrial contexts These occur in many processes underlying natural resource industries mining ...


Thermodynamic Formalism for Geodesic Flows
27th June 2021   -   2nd July 2021

Oaxaca, Mexico

This workshop will study this question for systems of geometric origin One example of this is a particle bouncing inside a region think of a ball bouncing around a billiard table or a light beam ...


New Mechanisms for Regularity, Singularity, and Long Time Dynamics in Fluid Equations
25th July 2021   -   30th July 2021

Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada

The workshop brings together top experts in the field and creates an environment where all the latest ideas intuition and techniques can be shared and refined Another important goal of the proposed...


74th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics
21st November 2021   -   23rd November 2021

Phoenix, United States

APS annual meetings are attended by thousands of physicists scientists and journalists from around the world They offer valuable opportunities for presenting research sharing insights and network...


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