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TFEC 2020 — 5th Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference
5th April 2020   -   8th April 2020

New Orleans LA, United States

ASTFE is the premier international society by and for professionals within the thermal and fluids science and engineering community The 2020 ASTFE conference provides an international forum for the d...

WCNCW — IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference Workshops
6th April 2020   -   9th April 2020

Seoul, South Korea

IEEE WCNC is the world premier wireless event that brings together industry professionals academics and individuals from government agencies and other institutions to exchange information and ideas ...

EAGE Workshop on Quantifying Uncertainty in Depth Imaging
6th April 2020   -   8th April 2020

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Images of seismic data form the foundation for understanding the nature of structures and subsurface properties everywhere away from existing wells The industry has largely moved to depth images whic...

Faraday joint interest group conference 2020
6th April 2020   -   8th April 2020

Sheffield, United Kingdom

The first meeting of this conference series was held in Warwick in 2017 and we are excited to bring the second edition to Sheffield Organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry and their Faraday Divi...

M2CS — An international conference called: Mathematical Modeling for Complex Systems.
6th April 2020   -   9th April 2020

Marrakech, Morocco

The meeting will take place at Faculte des Sciences et Techniques Cadi Ayyad University The main topics of the conference are Numerical linear algebra Model reduction Scientific Computation Ap...

SPICE 2020 — 19th International SPICE Conference: Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination
6th April 2020   -   8th April 2020

Roskilde University, Denmark

The SPICE User Group is pleased to announce the nineteenth International SPICE Conference on Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination in Software Systems Engineering and Service Management to...

Saint Petersburg 2020 — Geosciences: Converting Knowledge into Resources
6th April 2020   -   9th April 2020

Saint Petersburg, Russia

EAGE invites you to take part in the 9th International geological and geophysical conference and exhibition Saint Petersburg 2020 to be held on 06 09 April 2020 in Saint Petersburg Russia

Cosmic Cartography 2020 — Exploring the Cosmic Web and Large-Scale Structure
6th April 2020   -   10th April 2020

Kashiwanoha, Japan

Going into the 2020s cosmic large scale structure will be mapped with increasing detail by the next generation of observational facilities operating at various wavelengths radio optical infra red ...

Active Matter at the Frontier
6th April 2020   -   9th April 2020

UC Santa Barbara, United States

Active matter is a class of non equilibrium many body systems that consist of individual energy transducing components The collective dynamics of such active entities underlies phenomena on scales f...

BCA Spring Meeting 2020
6th April 2020   -   9th April 2020

Leeds, United Kingdom

The meeting will begin with the optional but increasingly popular Young Crystallographers meeting on the afternoon of Monday 5th April and morning of Tuesday 6th April The main meeting begins imm...

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