EMBL Workshop: From 3D Light to 3D Electron Microscopy

13th March 2016   -   16th March 2016
Heidelberg, Germany


In Life Sciences, imaging in three dimensions is a prerequisite for the understanding of the fine organisation of cells and tissues. Whilst key biological functions are addressed by a large choice of fluorescence microscopy techniques, volume imaging by scanning electron microscopy offers now an unprecedented understanding of the ultrastructure of large biological objects. Correlating both imaging modalities, in 3D, is therefore a powerful way to link function to structure, even in complex biological systems. This workshop will gather leading experts in the field of 3D correlative light and electron microscopy, with a particular focus on automated serial imaging by scanning electron microscopy. Two keynotes, from W. Denk and F. Hamprecht will cover the latest breakthroughs in automated serial imaging and 3D image analysis. The symposium will then alternate lectures and practical workshops to address a large spectrum of topics related to 3D CLEM, from the state of the art to recent biological applications.

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