Training — Troubleshooting, Designing and Installing Digital and Analog Closed Circuit TV Systems

14th October 2015   -   15th October 2015
Midrand, South Africa


The objective of this workshop is to provide a practical know-how in designing, installing, commissioning, maintaining and troubleshooting analog and digital CCTV systems. The poor quality of CCTV images often seen doesn't inspire much confidence in the technology. However the purpose of this workshop is to ensure you apply best practice in all your work with CCTV systems. With the recent terrorist outrages in London and other cities, CCTV systems have been essential as a key tool in fighting crime, and have perhaps shifted from being part of "Big Brother" to a useful tool. CCTV systems have undergone a remarkable technology transformation in the past decade, transitioning from analog to digital, operating on a wireless or cabled network, with a host of additional features. This has made the design and maintenance considerably more complex. This workshop thus provides useful expertise in building and maintaining high quality CCTV systems. The workshop commences with a detailed review of the fundamentals; progressing to optics and TV systems. Modern CCTV cameras and monitors are then examined followed by a review of video processing equipment and analog video recording. The vital changes from the analog to digital world are then examined in considerable depth. The essentials of networking as applied to CCTV systems are then discussed with practical examples. The workshop is concluded with best practice in CCTV system design and commissioning and maintenance.  

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