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First Hawaii Meeting of the APS Far West Section
19th January 2019   -   19th January 2019

University of Hawaii at Mnoa Honolulu, United States

First Hawaii Meeting of the APS Far West Section


2019 Annual Meeting of the Physical Society of Taiwan
23rd January 2019   -   25th January 2019

National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan Province of China

The annual meetings are the most important events for the Physical Society of Taiwan TPS They provide a unique platform for physicists from Taiwan and the rest of the world to communicate their lat...


The Milky Way in the Gaia Era
27th January 2019   -   27th January 2019

Saas Fee Valais, Switzerland

The invited lecturers are James Binney Rosine Lallement Justin Read and Jason Sanders The course will be in flipped classroom style That is to say the main lecture material will be available ...


Extremely big eyes on the early universe
28th January 2019   -   28th January 2019

UCLA, United States

In the next decade the commissioning of Extremely Large Telescopes 20 30m class will allow us to see the high redshift universe through new eyes of unprecedented power These new eyes will have the...


12th PHISCC workshop
11th February 2019   -   11th February 2019

Perth, Australia

We present the February 2019 12th Square Kilometre Array SKA Pathfinder HI Survey Coordination Committee PHISCC workshop to be hosted in Perth Australia The PHISCC organises regular biannual or...


12th INTEGRAL conference, 1st AHEAD gamma-ray workshop
11th February 2019   -   11th February 2019

Geneva, Switzerland

On August 17 2017 a new era of astronomy was inaugurated by a short gamma ray burst accompanying the gravitational wave GW170817 detected by LIGO VIRGO While the neutrinos from SN1987a had been a ...


IDP 2019 — PERC International Symposium on Dust & Parent bodies
12th February 2019   -   12th February 2019

Tokyo, Japan

To start online registration click on the following link GO TO REGISTRATION a new window appears The required fields to complete the registration are family name first name email addr...


Linking galaxies from the epoch of initial star formation to today
18th February 2019   -   18th February 2019

Sydney, Australia

Over the last two decades the surveys mapping the Universe have made clear that star formation activity peaks about 10 billion years ago known as cosmic noon The driver of this behaviour is ...


The 1st Thai-CTA workshop on Astroparticle Physics
18th February 2019   -   18th February 2019

Chiang Mai Thailand, Thailand

The 1st Thai CTA workshop on Astroparticle Physics to be organised in Chiang Mai Thailand during 18 22 February 2019 There will be also a pre school session limited to 20 Thai students only on 1...


Thermal Models in Planetary Science III
20th February 2019   -   20th February 2019

Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest, Hungary

The workshop follows up on the discussions and results of TherMoPS I Beaulieu sur Mer France Sep 15 17 2008 and TherMoPS II Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife Spain Jun 3 5 2015 The main topic is ...


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