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21st IFAC World Congress — International Federation of Automatic Control
12th July 2020   -   17th July 2020

Berlin, Germany

Every three years the international automatic control community meets to exchange and discuss the newest research ndings in the broad eld of systems control and automation With several thousan...


8th European Congress of Mathematics — Integrable systems in geometry and mathematical physics: a conference in honour of Boris Dubrovin's 70th birthday
14th July 2020   -   19th July 2020

SISSA Trieste, Italy

The notion of integrable system in classical mechanics dates back to Joseph Liouville 1809 1882 and has an illustrious and long history The modern resurgence of activity was spurred by the analysis...


30th September 2020   -   3rd October 2020

Groningen, Netherlands

A multi disciplinary conference on the role of information in our universe Including sessions on 1 The CDM tension Euclid and the Dark Universe 2 Emergent gravity and space time 3 Quantu...


IAU Symposium 366: The origin of outflows in evolved stars
4th October 2020   -   10th October 2020

Leuven, Belgium

A proper understanding of stellar evolution and of the chemical make up of the building blocks in the Universe near and far cannot be achieved without a detailed understanding of the wind physics duri...


CCS 2020 — Conference on Complex Systems 2020
19th October 2020   -   23rd October 2020

online, Spain

Complexity understood as the emergence of new macro properties from the interactions of basic components is a pervasive characteristic in natural artificial and social systems The Conference on Co...


Ninth International Conference on Complex Networks & Their Applications
1st December 2020   -   3rd December 2020

Madrid, Spain

The International Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications aims at bringing together researchers from different scientific communities working on areas related to complex networks Two ty...


New Trends in Symbolic Dynamics and Ergodic Theory: Dynamical Obstructions arising from Complexity Theory
30th May 2021   -   4th June 2021

Hangzhou, China

A common intuition in dynamical systems is that systems with low complexity should have some sort of structure while systems with high complexity should exhibit more randomness We explore this notio...


Frontiers in Billiard Dynamics
30th May 2021   -   4th June 2021

Oaxaca, Mexico

Mathematical billiards are a fast growing field of the modern theory of dynamical systems and a deep source of insights methods and examples in dynamics It has greatly impacted many areas ranging f...


Complexity Theory
14th November 2021   -   20th November 2021

Oberwolfach, Germany

Complexity Theory


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