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ISMB 2020 — 28th Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology
12th July 2020   -   16th July 2020

Montral, Canada

The annual international conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology ISMB is the flagship meeting of the International Society for Computational Biology ISCB The 2020 conference is th...


Gordon Research Conference — DNA Topoisomerases in Biology and Medicine
9th August 2020   -   14th August 2020

Bryant University Smithfield RI, United States

The chair and vice chair have developed an exciting program with input from the organizing committee The primary focus of the meeting is to attract scientists with a broad range of backgrounds with ...


ECCB 2020 — 19th European Conference on Computational Biology
5th September 2020   -   9th September 2020

Barcelona, Spain

Sitges has always been a place which has enchanted artists tourists and visitors from all over the world For many the secret lies in its light and almost 300 days of sun that it enjoys every year ...


26th International Conference on DNA Computing and Molecular Programming
13th September 2020   -   18th September 2020

University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Biomolecular computing has emerged as an interdisciplinary field that draws together molecular biology chemistry computer science and mathematics Our knowledge on DNA nanotechnology and biomolecula...


3rd Chromosomal Instability as a Driver of Human Disease Conference
5th October 2020   -   8th October 2020

Lisbon, Portugal

In this conference we aim to bring together scientists studying DNA replication DNA repair and chromosome segregation with those interested in how chromosomal instability can influence human patholo...


EMBL Conference: From Functional Genomics to Systems Biology
15th November 2020   -   18th November 2020

Heidelberg, Germany

The main objective of this conference is to bring people together from diverse disciplines to exchange ideas promote cross disciplinary collaborations and to form a synthesis of appropriate systems l...


EMBL Course: Single-Cell Omics
15th November 2020   -   21st November 2020

Heidelberg, Germany

The analysis of single cells advances research in many fields To properly deal with such minute amounts of sample each step of the workflow is critical from sampling to data analysis Additionally ...


Biomolecular Topology: Modelling and Data Analysis
5th April 2021   -   9th April 2021

Singapore, Singapore

The program s primary aim is to establish the foundation of the new interdisciplinary subject Biomolecular Topology The goal is to foster new research in biomolecular topology and promote transformat...


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