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ICLAA 2020 — International Conference on Linear Algebra and its Applications
17th December 2020   -   19th December 2020

Manipal, India

The present conference shall provide a platform for leading Mathematicians and Statisticians working around the globe in the theme area to discuss several research issues and to introduce new innovat...


Topics at the Interface of Low Dimensional Group Actions and Geometric Structures
4th January 2021   -   15th January 2021

Singapore, Singapore

In this two week program we explore the interactions between geometric group theory geometric structures and Anosov representations Geometric group theory in the broadest sense seeks to understan...


The 6th Int'l Conference on Groups and Algebras (ICGA 2021)
5th January 2021   -   7th January 2021

Cross road NO 17 Haipo tourism and economic zone Sanya Bay Sanya city China, China

The 6th Int l Conference on Groups and Algebras ICGA 2021 Conference Date January 5 7 2021 Conference Venue Sanya China Website http www seminarjan org conference ICGA2021 Online Regis...

Academic Communications


ICMMP2021 — International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Physics
5th April 2021   -   9th April 2021

Marrakech, Morocco

The conference will bring together leading experts and research scholars to exchange and share their experience and research results on all aspects of mathematical physics and to promote transference ...


Algebraic Groups
18th April 2021   -   24th April 2021

Oberwolfach, Germany

Algebraic Groups


Fundamental Groups and their Representations in Arithmetic Geometry
4th July 2021   -   9th July 2021

Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada

In arithmetic geometry one studies solutions to polynomial equations defined with arithmetically interesting coefficients such as integers or rational numbers One way to study such objects which h...


New challenges in operators semigroups
12th July 2021   -   16th July 2021

Oxford, United Kingdom

The aim of this conference is to bring together experts and young researchers from various fields and communities in mathematics related to operator semigroups and linear evolution equations The con...


Totally Disconnected Locally Compact Groups via Group Actions
15th August 2021   -   20th August 2021

Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada

Group actions are a mathematical approach to analysing structures by studying the rearrangements of the elements of the structure that preserve the defining properties of the structure Indeed histor...


Computational Group Theory
15th August 2021   -   21st August 2021

Oberwolfach, Germany

Computational Group Theory


Quantum Groups - Algebra, Analysis and Category Theory
12th September 2021   -   18th September 2021

Oberwolfach, Germany

Quantum Groups Algebra Analysis and Category Theory


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