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Motives and Invariants: Theory and Applications to Algebraic Groups and their Torsors
3rd October 2021   -   8th October 2021

Oaxaca, Mexico

In this workshop we want to bring together researchers from both sides of this development those mathematicians specializing in the application of modern algebraic and algebro geometric methods to t...


Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups: Duality, Stability, and Computations
10th October 2021   -   15th October 2021

Banff Alberta, Canada

The cohomology of arithmetic groups is the study of the properties of holes in geometric spaces that contain information about number theory The workshop will bring together mathematicians with e...


Integrable structures in random matrix theory and beyond
18th October 2021   -   22nd October 2021

Berkeley California, United States

This workshop will focus on the integrable aspect of random matrix theory and other related probability models such as random tilings directed polymers and interacting particle systems The emphasis...


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