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Einstein is still a mystery

Einstein is still a mystery

Universe is expanding:

Einstein's theory predicted that the universe is expanding. But, scientists at the early 19th century believed that the universe is static. Therefore, to be consistent with the then believed state of cosmology; Einstein introduced an extra term ‘LAMBDA' in his equations. However at the mid of 19th century Hubble discovered that the universe is actually expanding. Therefore, Einstein removed the ‘LAMBDA' term from his equations. Gamow said that introduction of the ‘LAMBDA' term was his biggest blunder. However, half a century later scientists at mid 90's discovered that the universe is not only expanding but it is accelerating and to explain the acceleration of the universe the ‘LAMBDA' term is reintroduced in his equations.



Gravitational wave:

Einstein's theory predicted the presence of a new wave form called gravitational wave. Scientists have spent billions of $'s till now. But there is no direct evidence of the presence of gravitational wave found till now. However, scientists believe that they will detect the gravitational wave in next 20 year.



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