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Farmville 2 Cheat

Farmville 2 Cheat

Hey everyone,

Here are a few hints, how-to's I have learned from playing Farmville 2 and from a little research. Some things you could know, but thought I would share:

1) ****INSTANTLY GROW YOUR PLANTS & TREES: This is an amazing trick I learned. You definitely need to have lots of neighbors to achieve this, but every tiny bit helps. Plant some crops. Water them and fertilize them (Or water & fertilize trees). You can hover your cursor over a neighbor that is on your farm to help you and see which crops/trees they will help. After you've got already watered & fertilized your crops/trees, THEN allow your neighbor to help you. Whichever crops/trees you've got already watered and fertilized, are going to INSTANTLY GROWN!!! Amazing for something you need immediately or for crops/trees that might normally take a long time growing. The more neighbors you have, the faster you will get produce and level up!!

2) 2nd Way to Instantly Grow Crops/Trees: If you are near to leveling up, plant and water some crops that you just take a long time to develop (Pumpkins, Strawberries, Sunflowers, etc). In the event you loved this article and you would want to receive details with regards to farmville 2 cheats i implore you to visit our page. I do believe they have to be watered already so that you can instantly grow upon leveling up. Also, according to Gamenews.com, they confirmed with Zynga that leveling up will instantly increase your crops/trees is permanent & here to stay! So look closely at how close you happen to be to leveling up! ***I haven't tried this yet, but saw that if you do level up and haven't planted crops yet, supposedly you'll be able to still navigate while the Level Up Box has sprouted. So plant & water as many as it is possible to, then select Share, also it should instantly grow everything!!

3) Random things: There is a sign in the Market > Decorations > Tab 6/7 for only 100 gold. Place those in which you would like things done. Put them because of your trees, crops, animals, etc which means that your neighbors determine what you need help with!!!!! For example, fence in a bunch of goats and chickens and place the sign in there so neighbors know to feed them. Or install it where it's obviously alongside your crops so they really know to water/fertilize crops). If we all start doing this, we can easily all help the other better! Also random: notice if you move stuff and set something, your animals jump around each time? Also, there's apparently an email you'll be able to get from Farmville 2 with daily bonuses within it....still looking for it. No idea why, however you know you're going to test it lol.


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