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Gaming News : Tiny Tower Cheat

Gaming News : Tiny Tower Cheat

Because a great deal of people are playing it, and because my friends' towers sometimes seem like they could make use of a little tweaking, is really a handy Tiny Tower guide to save you some time to maximize your efficiency so you never have to buy any Tower Bux.

What floor should I build next?

You will invariably need to have enough residential floors which means you can have 3 Bitizens at the job everywhere. The best good in the shop gives you $3 per sold unit and net you the most profit, so always fill the shop workforce.

There's five forms of shops that all have three slots for Bitizens, and residential floors can house five Bitizens. You'll want an identical amount of floors for each shop type to equalize need for goods. This demand will forever go back to 100 if you keep building new shop types and residential floors, so don't get worried about demand too much.

Ideally, you should have 3 times numerous residential floors as is available shop floors of a single type. Since there are a 5 shop types that may each contain 3/5th the level of Bitizens of an residential floor, you will only need three times as many residential floors because you have of any shop floor -- provided you built them in equal distribution.

If math is difficult for you, just go on the Stats screen and look at the bottom distribution. Then multiply the volume of floors for just about any shop by 3 to succeed in the volume of residential floors you need. If you have a distribution of 2/2/2/2/2 or 4/4/4/4/4 for shops, which means you'd need 6 or 12 residential floors. Easy no?

Always build a new residential floor first in case you have an identical distribution of shop floors, otherwise you won't have you to definitely work in the next shop floor! New Bitizens might transfer while you save for the next shop, and those in turn might yield you more profits or goods storage if you're lucky.

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