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Kidney stones

Kidney stones

A lot of people tend to ignore things when it comes to illness, but learning to spot the painful sensations caused by pancreatic cancer symptoms really is a good move. Many times a small stone can be passed and you can deal with the discomfort and pain, but that is not always the case when the condition is advanced. What we will do today is highlight those symptoms of kidney stones that very many people have encountered.

The most telltale, and commonly known, symptom is intense pain in certain areas. However, the location of this pain sensation can be different depending on several factors. Some people can experience this acute pain in their abdominal area while others may be in the lower back or groin. A lot of sufferers claim the pain that can occur out of the blue is the worst pain they have endured. In the event you have the sudden sharp painful experience kidney stones can produce, then of course it is time to see your doctor. Not all types of kidney stones are understood, but your doctor will want to try to make a determination for you.

Certain types of kidney stones accompany kidney infections, and this can bring about symptoms such as fever and chills. Because there is bacteria causing this kidney infection you may experience what is known as Struvite stones. The most common type of stones is the calcium stones not to mistaken for Struvite stones. If you have a problem with urinary infections, which can lead to kidney stones, it's imperative that you treat the infection with an antibiotic. Symptoms such as fever can be treated with medicines prescribed by your doctor, or certain over the counter remedies. Fever and chills are a possible symptom of this type of kidney stone, though with many other types you probably would experience different symptoms.

There are many clues you can use to determine if your symptoms are kidney stones or some other condition since the symptoms often mimic other possibilities. If you have kidney stone symptoms you will notice that no matter what position your body is in no relief is present. This is the opposite of a muscle related symptom where a simple position change can bring some relief. The pain of kidney stones, which is sometimes called renal colic, also tends to come and go in waves. While many of these symptoms seem to indicate kidney stones the only way to know for sure is through medical testing. After talking about all of that, yet in some people there are no symptoms present. Placing a call to make an appointment with your doctor is the right course of action if you have any of these signs. It can be dangerous to your health if you try to diagnose yourself, and that is why you need to talk to your family doctor.


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