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Plastic waste can be converted to petrol

Plastic waste can be converted to petrol

Both plastic and petro-products are hydrocarbons. The only difference is that hydrocarbon chains in plastic molecules are longer than the molecules in petrol. Therefore, if there exist some mechanism which can break the plastic molecules into smaller parts then they can be converted to oil. Such a method do exist.Alka Zadgaonkar an Indian scientist find a method to convert plastic to petrol. Any waste plastic can be used to recycle them and convert them into petrol.

Petrol pump

The amount of used plastic in India is 10000 tons per day. So if we can collect all the plasticsand convert them to petrol then we can get 10% of the petrol used in India per day. It willprovide an alternative fuel to the growing needs of the fuel consumption by utilizing thewaste plastic. The method can also give petrol at a cheaper price.


Making use of waste plastic as a raw material for the production of petrol will be an added benefit in creating a healthy, cleaner and greener environment.

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