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Simons Semester — Geometric and Analytic Group Theory
1st April 2019   -   15th July 2019

Bdlewo Warsaw, Poland

The goals of the semester are two fold First it will be an opportunity to report on the recent remarkable progress on the main topics of the semester This will allow for the participants of the sem...


Cohomological methods
8th April 2019   -   12th April 2019

Warsaw, Poland

This conference is a part of the Simons Semester Geometric and Analytic Group Theory


icanta19-oujda — 3rd International Congress Algebra, Number Theory and Applications
24th April 2019   -   27th April 2019

Oujda, Morocco

The purpose of this meeting is to introduce young researchers to some of the most attractive research areas of algebra number theory and their applications presenting the latest contributions and ac...


Engel conditions in groups
24th April 2019   -   26th April 2019

Bath, United Kingdom

A meeting on Engel conditions in groups will be held at the University of Bath from Wednesday 24th of April arrival day to Friday 26th of April departure day The meeting will consist of talks ...


Curves and groups in families
13th May 2019   -   17th May 2019

Rennes, France

This conference will bring together researchers and students around two important themes of geometry in characteristic p or mixed the computation of the stable models of the curves and the geometry o...


Workshop on the p-adic Langlands Programme and related topics
13th May 2019   -   17th May 2019

London, United Kingdom

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers working on a range of topics in and around the local and global p adic Langlands program The event is funded by the ERC and the EPSRC and is ...


Non-positive curvature
20th May 2019   -   24th May 2019

Warsaw, Poland

This conference is a part of the Simons Semester Geometric and Analytic Group Theory


GAGTA '19 — Geometric and Asymptotic Group Theory with Applications
26th May 2019   -   30th May 2019

Bar Ilan University Tel Aviv area, Israel

The conference will focus on a variety of topics in geometric and combinatorial group theory as well as on algorithmic and computational problems involving groups with applications to information sec...


27th May 2019   -   31st May 2019

Cetraro, Italy

Some speakers have been the target of a scam attempt by people calling themselves Business Management Team They made phone calls and sent emails We do not use external organizational services for th...


Groups, Rings and associated structures 2019
9th June 2019   -   15th June 2019

Spa, Belgium

The conference on Groups Rings and associated structures 2019 will be held at Domain Sol Cress in the beautiful town of Spa Belgium It is a sequel to the meeting held in 2017 The international c...


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