How can I add a new conference?

Go to the conference section and click on the Add Conference button. It will lead you to the add conference page

Add the conference. Once you submit the conference it will first be verified by the admin before finally accepted for listing in the webpage.

It will also send a mail to the conference organizer. The conference organizer can make changes in the conference page anytime they want.

Are all the conferences verified?

We try our best to verify most of the data. However, it's not possible to verify everything. So we request you to go through the conference webpages to get the accurate data or any updated data about the conference.

A number of views or attendance statistics are based on the number of people visited our website or the number of people voted as going or not going in Users may mark as "going" to a conference and may not attend the conference. We don't collect attendance/registration data from the actual conference organizers.

Do you have any criteria for listing conferences in a particular field?

No. It can be a small conference or a big workshop, we like to have everything in our database. Once you add a school/conference/workshop, admin will go through the data before adding it permanently in our conference listing database.

An email will also be sent to the conference organizer. They can edit the conference.

If I save a conference on my dashboard, can others see it?

No, If you save a conference in your dashboard then it will only be visible to you. None can see your dashboard. However, if you mark some conference as going, not going, not decided, etc, then that data can be viewed by others visiting the conference page.

The conference website is showing different information about the nearby airports or hotels then what I can see on the conference page

You should always check the conference website for accurate information about the locality, nearby airports or hotels, etc.

The map that we show in is based on the conference location. In many cases, the location data may not provide an accurate location of the conference. also don't have any actual knowledge of a particular location. So if you find any conflicting information then you must always trust on the information shared on the conference website, because conference organizers and local people will always know the location information much better than some online software.

The informations about the locality, nearby hotel, airport, tourist destinations are shown only to help our users. We always try our best to develop algorithms to make the information as accurate as possible.