Can I add a new school/College/university in the database?

As of now, it is not possible to add a new school or college or university in our database. We try out best to include all the universities across the world, in our database. If you find some missing university then please email us ( with all the details.

Presently, we only have ~1,500,000 schools of India listed in our database. Many Indian schools are missing. We also presently don't have any information about schools in other countries.

We also don't have the list of colleges in our database at present.

However, we are slowly expanding our database. You may see more schools, colleges, and universities in our database in the future.

I searched my school and I find some wrong information.

The information about the schools is added by users of our website. Once someone adds some new information about a school, it is verified by multiple users before getting permanently added in our database.

We understand that the process does not guarantee that all the information will be accurate. Some information may also change over time. It may happen that some user provides wrong information about a school or wrongly verify some false information. Some user is putting some false information, does not mean that he/she is not always doing so with some bad intent.

If you find some information which is wrong, please inform us by sending an email to with the link of the school and which the correct information.. We will try to verify the information first and then update it in the school database.

If some information is not permanently added in our database then you can click on the confirm button in the right side of that information and vote it as wrong. If multiple people vote some information as false then the information will automatically get deleted.

There are multiple feedbacks about a school or university page which are false

The feedbacks are the opinions of different people about a school or university. So we can't force people from writing their own openion about a school or university. However, it happens that users write a false or paid opinion to defame or promote some institute.

We always want real feedback about an institute. If we find some users who write some paid feedback then we may ban that user completely or delete his/her feedback.

How can I repost about some wrong image of a school or university.

When someone upload an image in a school then the image will go to the Verify an image list. So multiple people verify that the image is related to that particular institute and the information is correct then only it will go the the image list of the school.

If an image is in the list of "Verify and Image" list then you can vote then the image is a wrong image and it does not belong to the school. If multiple people mark it as wrong then the image will automatically be removed from the list of images.

However, if the image is already in the "Image" list of the school of uiversity then you can not edit the image. You can inform us about the image in We will check and if required then may remove the image.

The location of the school shown in the map is wrong.

In general, schools are not as well known as universities. Therefore, the location of a school, shown on the map may not always be correct. The location in the map is shown based on the address of the school. If the address section of some school is not properly filled then the location shown in the map will be based on the word or the village of the sc. So the map may not pinpoint the school properly.

We provide the data to assist you. However, in many cases, the maps may not be correct. We request you verify the location of school from seperate sources.

In general, the maps show the correct location of the universities. However, we always advise you to verify the location from other sources.