How do I write an article?

In the bottom of the left sidebar in your homepage, you will see the Write a new article link. Click on it. It will bring you to the article writing page

There will be 4 options

  • Standard Post
  • Video Post
  • Gallery Post
  • Link Post

Standard posts are the most versatile type of posts. You can use multiple type of images, videos etc. in the post. There are other special post categories, such as Video Post, Gallery Post, Link post.

If you want to post a youtube, Vimeo or Metacafe Video then please use the Video post.

For posting multiple images please use the gallery post. Also for posting some external links please use the link post.

Once you finish drafting your article you need to submit it. Admin will go through the article before accepting the article. The review process is mostly for stopping spams and not a peer reviewed process.

How can I select who can view my scraps?

Presently your scraps are public. If you write a scrap anyone who visits your profile will be able to see your scraps. However, lots of new features are there in the pipeline. So you may be able to choose who can view the scrap in future.

What is the difference between a scrap and an article?

When you are on your home page you can see lots of small posts which are called scraps. The scraps are in general small but there is no size limit. You can write any scraps and it will be automatically published. It does not require anyone's acceptance. It will appear in your follower's homepage. If someone visits your profile then also he/she can also see the scraps.

On the other hand, the articles are like blog posts. You will see articles on the research page. Once you publish some article, it will first be verified by the admin before appearing in the research section. The verification process is not a peer reviewed process, but it is necessery to stop spamming or promotional content. Anyone whoever visit the research page will be able to view the article. Articles may also be listed in google search.

Can I assign a category to a scrap and an article?

No, you can add a category to a scrap. The category can only be assigned to an article.

It is seen that sometimes people assign multiple categories just to improve visibility. The admin does not accept it. Admin will change the article category. If you choose all the category then the automatic spam detectors may mark it as spam before admin check it. So we advise you to select at max 5 categories to an article.

Can I write an article in some non-english language?

You can always post something in a different language. However, if you write an article in non-english language then our admin can't read the article. So the article will not get accepted.

You can write scraps in any language you want.