Few writing instructions


This is the title of the interview. Here we have shown some examples.

  1. The title can be: Discussion with {YOURNAME} on {A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE WORK} 
       e.g. A discussion with Ehsaan Sane on his new gravity theory

  2. The title can be given based on the project name  
       e.g. Building the Tianlai Radio Telescope

  3. The title can be related to the description of the project 
       e.g. Exploring air quality index and its effect on public health e.g. Understanding the spread of COVID19 virus


  In the interview, we have given a couple of standard questions which can describe any research. However, the researcher can modify the question based on his or her research. The questions that we have listed are:

  1. Can you please describe the broad field of your research?
  2. Describe what is the problem you are solving?
  3. What are the new results from your research?
  4. Say something about your team that solve the problem?
  5. What is your future goal?

We are a social networking platform. Most of our readers either do not have any research background or not familiar to your research field. Therefore, first, explain them the broad field of our research. Suppose you are solving something in Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). So, first explain what cosmology is and what CMB is. Suppose you are working on the Neutron star, then explain what a neutron star is and how it’s formed. Start from a very basic.

After explaining the broad field, explain them the particular problem that you are solving in a nontechnical term. Try not to go into many scientific details. Suppose you are in a radio telescope and you are trying to do some calibration, then explain why you need to calibrate it and how you are calibrating it, etc.

You can then briefly explain your results and write about your team, the history of the project, how the project got started and who are involved in the project and how do they contribute in the project. If you are a part of a big collaborative project, then you may only write about the part that you are involved with. Finally describe the future goal of the research.

While writing the answers, if you think that some of the questions are not suitable then you can change the question. For changing the question, just click on the question and then edit it and save it. While changing the questions please try to keep the flow of the interview intact.

Finally, you must write the abstract of your research in a single line. This will help people to understand what you are working on without going through the full interview.


 Keywords will help people to search the article on MachPrinciple. They also help Google to list the article so show it on Google search. Therefore, we advise you to put at least 5 keywords related to the field of research.

Images :

The top image is mandatory, and the other images are optional. Top image should be related to the broad field of research. Suppose you are working on quantum mechanics (QM) then use an image related to QM. If you are working on an experiment you can put the image of the instrument. Please don’t use copyrighted images. Either use an image made by yourself or use a copyright-free image from Google or other image distribution website.

 The images which are in the content section can have plots from your research paper or explanatory images etc. In the team section, you can put a nice picture of the group members.   Content images are optional. But images do increase the beauty of the content. People prefer to read an article that has multiple images.

Here are some websites that provide free images

Important Information related to Image Upload

 Try not to resize the image online. Especially when you are uploading graphs or plots etc. Online resizer may significantly degrade the quality of the image. For not resizing the image, minimize the image so the it completely fit in the cropper box and then click on the green icon.

Reference list:

Please write the reference list. You can put the references either by entering it in BibTeX format (you can get the BibTeX format from google scholar) or by manually entering a paper name, Author name and journal reference, etc. through the dedicated form given in the reference section.

You can add a maximum of 4 references. These references are related to the interview and help your science outreach.  Therefore, please try to put the most relevant references.

Authors list:

You can add a maximum of 4 authors. The author list is again related to the particular interview. Multiple authors of the same paper can write separate interviews. If you are involved in a research that involves big collaboration, then please write about the contribution you have made in the paper and in the author list give the name of the authors who significantly contributed in your part of the work.

Institutes involved:

In the institute section please least all the research institutes which are involved in the research. Big projects may have many institutes involved in the project. You should again list those institutes which are involved in the part research that you have contributed. Please, try to limit maximum number of institutes involved to 4.

How can I give an interview on my latest research?

MachInterviews are only based on invitation. We in general invite researchers who has written or published some research paper recently. If you have recently submitted a research article, then please send us the link. We can invite you for writing an interview.

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