How do I register?

You can register in either using the social profiles or using your email address.

Using social network

Presently you can use the following social networks for registration

  • Google / Gmail
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

We will only get your email ID, profile picture etc. while registration. Just by registering to using your social network does not give us permission to post something on your social network.

Using your email address

For registering using your email address, follow the steps given below

  • Click on ‘Sign Up’.
  • Fill in your username, email, and password and click ‘Join Now’
  • If will send you an email with the registration authentication link.
  • Check your email and click on the link to complete the registration.

While registration its showing email address already exists

You can use one email address for creating a single profile. You can log in to your profile using the email address. If you forget your password then you can follow the forgot password link.

If you want to create a new profile please try using a new email address.

While registration its showing username already exists

The usernames are unique. So if someone has already taken a username then you can't register using the same username. Try using a different user name. Suppose you want to register using sanjone. If its already take then you may try using sanjone123.

What will be my username and email address if I register using a social network?

If you choose to register using your social profile we will collect your email address from you social profile and register you using that email address. will create a unique unsername using your email address and it will also choose a random passwork for you.

You will receive an email from It will give you the details. If you want to create your own password then please use the forgot password link

It will send you a new link for editing your password. Once you receive the password reset email you can reset your password.

Why do I need to varify the email address if I register using email address?

In the past, we have seen spammers who use nonexistant email addresses to register and use for spamming. We always like to have geneune users. Therefore we want you to varify your email address while registering using username and email.

If you are registering using your social profile then we can use the email addresses from your other social profile which are genuine as without a genuine email address you won't have been allowed to register in those social profiles. There farther varification of the email addresses are not required.

How do I login?

You can login either using your social profile or using the standard method of using your username/email address and password.

Using social profile

Email addresses are unique to each user. No two user have same emaill address. When you click on social login or sign up button, takes your email id from the social network and then use that email address for Loggin you in

It does not matter which social network you are using for logging in. Suppose you registered using email id If your Facebook profile also has the same email id then you can use facebook to login to your profile. If you twitter or linked has same email id then you can use twitter or linkedIn for logging in to your account.

If you click on a social profile then will fatch your email address from your social account. If the email address not in our database will register you as a new user. Otherwise, it will log you to your profile.

Using username/email and password

If you wish to login using the traditional method then you can user your email/username and the password to login to your profile. In case you forget your password you can use the forgot password link

to set a new password.

How do I recover my password?

You are not alone. Its common to forget the password. Its not possible to recover the old password, you need to create a new password.

In case you forget your password please go to the following the link and enter your email id.

A password reset link will be sent your email. Please click on the link and set your new password.

Can I change my username or email address?

Sorry, as of now, you can't change the username or email address of your profile.

Also, you can only use a single email address in a profile. However, we will be adding many new features in near future. So, in the future, you may be able to add multiple email addresses to your profile.

Will you collect my phone number if I register using a social network?

No, we don't collect your phone number for account creation. However, if you want you can add your phone number in your account then you can to so.

Follow the steps to add your phone number

  1. login to your profile.
  2. Click on the 'Me' button on the top right corner of your profile.
  3. Click on 'Change Profile Settings'.
  4. Add your phone the profile settings page. (You can also change other profile settings from this page.